A Quality addition for Playgrounds.

Safety is Paramount


 In the course of designing our Jump Pad, safety was the first obstacle we covered. The Jump Pads are completely flat, not curved  and only 28" off the ground allowing ease of access and exit. We take every step necessary to maximize safety.

It's all about having fun!


The object of the game is to provide entertainment to your guests and make the experience one where they want to come back again and again.

Not just for Kids


The Jump Pad's unique baffle system allows safe side by side jumping not only for kids but also adults.

Perfect for those adult fitness classes!

Quality Manufacturing



The Jump Pad company chose to have the product made in the USA, not China. The quality manufacturing process ensures each and every Jump Pad is of consistent quality. The USA choice also ensures quick supply to our customers.

Made in the USA



Although they are not visible, a second layer of vinyl is glued underneath high-stress areas in every Jump Pad we manufacture. This feature improves the strength and durability of the product. The progressive workmanship has also helped master unique sewing techniques that reinforce our products even more, increasing longevity.

Easy install


Jump Pads come with zipper slots sewn in. Unzip and watch it deflate in no time. The heavy-duty industrial-grade zippers are covered with hook-and-loop sealed flaps for extra protection. This decreases air leakage and protects it from misuse and excessive wear. The zippers also provide for easy access to the inside of inflatables for easy cleaning and inspection for wear-and-tear. 

Roll up and store over winter!

Campgrounds & RV Resorts


 In Campgrounds The Jump Pad is perfect as a stand alone or as an addition to other jumping products as it will enable the separation of small children to the larger children and adults, helping eliminate any injury risk.

Agritainment Farms


Agritourism is growing rapidly all over the country and The Jump Pad is becoming a must have attraction. 

The world's largest Jump Pad is a massive 80'x40' in Michigan.

Summer Camps


Summer Camps are all about learning and having fun. The Jump Pad contributes greatly as a learning experience to interact with others as well as the enjoyment of doing things together alongside children of similar age groups.

Day Care Centers


The fact that the Jump Pad can be used indoor as well as outdoor has enabled Day Care Centers to add Pads to their facility.

Schools have also found that Jump Pads are perfect for physical activity classes.



Easy to roll out and set up to use on any indoor surface.

Pack away and store over winter!

Event entertainment


Any event indoor our outdoor will benefit from the Jump Pad's power of attraction!