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Designed to provide shade and shelter from the rain

The inflatable cover is detached from the Jump Pad so it can be used as a stand alone. movable event cover. Made from the same, strong material as the Jump Pad it has many features that will make the Jump Pad a user friendly, safe attraction.

Safety: Each pillar there is a zip entrance where three sand bags are provided which can be filled providing around 210lb of weight in each. Stakes are also provided for each pillar ensuring wind stability.

Strength: The cover will provide protection from the sun, rain and snow. Easy to inflate or deflate running on it's own separate blower system. When deflated it slowly falls on to the Jump Pad providing year round protection.

Sizes: The shelter can be made to cover all Jump Pad sizes from 20x25 up to 70x30.

Branding: Logo branding is available as an added bonus.

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