Amazing Jump Pads

The Jump Pad is a flat series of inflatable tubes that provides the whole family, riders of all ages, a safe way to have fun. The large flat inflatable area allows many kids and adults alike to jump on the giant inflatable pillows at any one time.

A true FUN magnet and one that will add incentive for repeat visits to your farm, campground or business venue. View our products or contact us today for more information.
  • Jump Pads are Great for:

    • Agrotourism Farms
    • Campgrounds
    • Pumpkin Patches
    • Summer Camps
    • Schools
    • Day Care Centers
    • Family Play Centers
    • Source of Exercise and Fun!
  • Your #1 Source for Inflatable Jump Pads

    The Jump Pad was designed with safety in mind, reducing risks of liabilitiy and injuries to your business, while increasing fun. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience and over a decade of history in the farm and campground industries, The Jump Pad is your #1 source for entertainment attraction equipment. We pride ourselves in great customer service and a superior product that is unmatched by competitors. With items in stock and ready to ship, you can count on us to be your reliable partner. With unmatched reliability and experience, don't settle for anything else, give The Jump Pad a call today.

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Why The Jump Pad?

Rated # 1 Jumping PadsMost trusted source for giant inflatable pads installed at agritainment farms, campgrounds and other venues. Our inflatable Jumping Pads have skyrocketed in popularity and rank as a the MUST NEED attraction on farms and campgrounds.
Great for All Ages & Multiple RidersThis is the one attraction that is great for all ages and sizes from adults to young kids, providing endless fun for the whole family! No more long wait lines. The large jumping area provides for countless riders to enjoy playing and making memories together.
Low Labor CostsKeep costs down with The Jump Pad, the best entertainment attraction where minimal labor is needed to setup, store away, or operate the ride safely. The Jump Pad is the perfect solution for your business, requiring minimal employees, while allowing for maximum use and enjoyment of a ride from your guests.
Low Maintenance CostsThe best investment for your money! This portable inflatable can be easily stored away when no longer in use, reducing extra wear and tear, and abuse from the weather elements. The ease of moving the inflatable is another key benefit of The Jump Pad, allowing for most efficient use of your area. Made from heavy duty commercial grade vinyl, this attraction is made to last years with very little upkeep and added costs.