The Jump Pad Inc and their manufacturer provide the buyer a limited repair and replacement warranty and agrees that the products supplied will be fit for their intended purpose, merchantable, and without material defect in workmanship or materials, specified as follows: All inflatables sold by The Jump Pad Inc and manufactured by our supplier: Two (2) years warranty from the date of delivery to the buyer. Blower: one (1) year. The warranty period starts from the date of delivery and any claim will need to provide a signed and dated delivery receipt.

Please Note: A product shall not be considered defective if it is a different color than shown online. No warranty is made relating to zippers, color, velcro, digital printing done on any unit. Any requests from the buyer for warranty work and replacement are subject to product inspection at the manufacturer’s factory in California.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their clients by taking the steps necessary to deflate the inflatable when it is considered unsafe to use during rain or strong wind. Jump Pad Inc or the manufacturer bear no responsibility for water damage resulting from improper maintenance or non-use of the water drains provided. Buyers must use the supplied stakes and all tie-down tethers at all times to ensure insure the safety of users and the equipment.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the jump pad is covered during rain or snow. The warranty does not cover any seam corrosion or failure due to water or snow being left on the jump pad.

This warranty is not a guarantee that the product will not, through use, handling and storage, develop tears or punctures from time to time, the repairs of which are the responsibility of the buyer. Upon a valid warranty claim for a product, Jump Pad will decide whether to replace or repair the product. If the product is evaluated and found to be defective, and the warranty for such product is in force, we will bear the cost of shipping the repaired or replaced product in both directions. Otherwise, all shipping costs will be borne solely by the buyer. If Jump Pad Inc and its manufacturer decide in their sole discretion to replace a product, the buyer will be given a pro rata credit toward the price of an equivalent replacement product. This will be a percentage of the amount of time left in the warranty period.

For example: under the two year warranty period a valid claim was made 18 months from delivery date that leaves 6 months in the warranty period. So the buyer can claim a 25% discount of the equivalent replacement product at the purchased price rate.

If the buyer decides not to purchase a replacement product, Jump Pad Inc will not be required to make any payment to the buyer.

Jump Pad Inc is not responsible or liable for indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of its product or installation, nor other damages with respect to any physical injury, economic loss, loss of property, loss of revenue or profits, downtime, loss of enjoyment or use, cost of removal, installation or other consequential damages of any kind. This warranty is the only warranty made with respect to the product and is in lieu of all other warranties of any nature, whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the product and is continually maintained as listed in the Owners Guide. This warranty does not cover defects arising from fading from wear or exposure, abuse, misuse, neglect, carelessness or accident, alteration or modification, addition, burns, cuts, snags or scrapes, fire, earthquakes, war, insurrection, vandalism or theft, soil erosion or water damage caused by flood, high water tables, irrigation, sprinklers, storm or similar issues and failure to comply with care and maintenance and other guidelines and instructions contained in the Owners Guide of the product. In addition, if the Jump Pad is not covered or shaded in some way for a minimum of 6 months during each calendar year, the warranty for the Jump Pad is limited to fifty percent of the warranty period specified above.

Use of The Jump Pad exposes users to various risks of injury from physical activities generally and from such things as slips, falls, collisions between participants, awkward jumps or landings, reckless or negligent behavior by some participants, and pre-existing health issues or weaknesses. Injuries can include sprains, scrapes, skin burns, broken bones, unconsciousness, back issues, heart attacks or even paralysis or death. As described in the Owners Guide, care of the product and supervision of use will reduce the risk of many injuries. However, this warranty does not cover any injuries, whatever their cause. Jump Pad Inc will not be liable or responsible for any injuries arising in whole or part from use of the product.

The buyer is required to have insurance coverage which covers personal injury.

No statement, remark or representation of any employee or agent of The Jump Pad Inc or by their manufacturer will vary this limited warranty, unless such statement is in writing and signed by the President of The Jump Pad Inc.

Warranty, prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.